Using Oberlo to Find Products to Sell

You’ve heard us talk a lot about products to sell.

We talk about products to sell on YouTube…


We talk about products to sell on social media…

And recently, we started talking about products to sell inside of Oberlo.

We’ve launched product recommendations designed to help you find the best products for your store. This post will walk you through a few new features that were built specifically to help you find products to sell.

Similar Products on product details pages

Let’s say you’re in the kids sports niche, and you want to expand your offering.

If you search for some products to add, the search might look something like this.

1. You go to “Search Products” and look for, oh, basketball.

2. You find something that looks good, and want to explore it further. You click and are taken to the product details page.

3. Under the core pricing and product information, you’ll find suggestions for similar products:

These suggestions are based on several criteria, including product categories and popularity. In other words, they are specifically designed to help you find products to supplement your original search, or maybe even better options than the one you landed on originally.

Collections on the Search Product page

We have also launched several curated product collections. These collections cover an array of customer needs, from affordable items to seasonal favorites.

Here’s a quick overview of what you’ll find.

Recommended for you

The Recommended for you collection uses data from your store – for example, your most popular categories and sub-categories – to identify items that would be the best fit. The picture above shows the Recommended for you collection for a women’s clothing and accessories store.

Because these suggestions are based on shop data, this collection is more valuable for people who are already running stores. But we’re also helping out brand new shop owners – read on!

Shipped from United States

The Shipped from United States collection features items that ship from the US. This collection is especially helpful for merchants who target the United States with ads and marketing campaigns: Items that ship from the US will typically have shorter shipping times than items that are shipping from, say, China. 

Items under $5!

Any idea what this one’s about? You got it! An overview of popular items that cost less than $5.

These products have been handpicked by the Oberlo team to show you some of the best offers from the Oberlo Supply network.


You’ll find more collections of products to sell inside of Oberlo, including seasonal items. For example, the Beach accessories collection that’s there today will be replaced by Christmas accessories when it gets cold.

You’ll also find…

  • Best selling products: The hottest items right now, according to our data
  • Discounted products: Items that suppliers are offering at a discount
  • Trending products: Items whose future trajectory is heading north
  • Fast shipping yoga products: Yoga-related products filtered for quick shipping times

Talk to us!

Are there other ways that we could help you find what you’re looking for? New tools to search? New types of recommendations?

If you have any suggestions or things that you want to see, let us know!

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