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Oberlo enables thousands of people to run their dropshipping stores with ease.
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  1. – Low Cost Wearables
“Absolutely fantastic app! This app is a must have for anyone dropshipping with Aliexpress. The order process is literally a couple of clicks and its all done for you.
The support is great too. I had a question regarding my first order and it was answered in minutes.”
  1. – FreeJewelry
“An amazing and must have app for those looking to dropship. They have literally thought of everything. Also, the customer service is top notch. I’ve asked 4-5 questions over the past 2 days and all have been answered within a few hours. Highly recommended.”
  1. – Hope United Apparel
“Amazing! It helped our customer add a more personal style to our printed apparel. Only thing we wish could be upgraded is better shipping times but other than that. Great app!!!”
  1. – Charmery
“I am rather enthusiastic about Oberlo, and not without a reason. IMHO it’s simply the best app out there – not only compared to those in its own field, but compared to every single of all the tens and maybe hundreds of apps I’ve seen and tested. Perfectly written, well thought, easy to install, reliable and covering every important aspect in working with Shopify and AliExpress, I only wish I had the same thing for Ebay and AliExpress. Beginning day one of the installation Oberlo saved me hours and hours of time. Kudos! And thanks to the developers.”
  1. – Beautiful Hair Products Store
“I really like the Oberlo app. I thought I could keep up with my drop ship items myself, but it’s more than a notion! Whew!
Oberlo makes managing my drop ship business much easier and it’s actually fun to run more store!”
  1. – Gopokemongo
“Best right hand ever! now they just lowered the price but will tell you if they raised would still pay for… OBERLO is the only reason I have an online business because makes so so so easy to manage a store that look like a joke. i know it sounds like they paid me for that hahaha so now oberlo guys give me at least a smile for it lmaoo”
  1. – Prismatik Heart
“Every dropshipping business owner should have this app. It has made the management of my business so much easier. Very friendly user too! I recommend this app to everyone”
  1. – Adult Coloring Booksy
“Simplifies everything and cuts down time durastically and is super easy to use, even for beginners (like Me). Well worth the money, very happy with this product”
  1. – Wow Eyewears
“I’m a fresh newbie in drop shipping, and worked manually in first to know all aspects, but while reviewing apps and discovering Oberlo really it saves a lot of time and let me work smoothly without handling the headache of adding products manually.
Hope to start trying Oberlo in ordering processes, as my store still under construction and haven’t got any sale, wish me a good luck please :)”
  1. – Everything In Store
“Fantastic app, simple to use and is saving me hours each day when running my stores. This app has helped me grow revenues and free up time quicker than any other app around. Should anything not work then they are very responsive on support and willing to help until it’s sorted, while also constantly adding new time saving features and changes!”
  1. – Gents Bags
“Honestly, could not run this business without it. Amazing app”
  1. – Sahnwin Co
“LIFE is MUCH easier incorporating this App in my Store. I can FLY-BY pre-select the items i like and that’s it. Viola.!! After a few edits in Shopify mode, it’s ready for publication. Fast and conveniently easy to use. Thanks OBERLO..!! btw, thank you for the Price reduction on my Monthly subscription. A little bit of savingsHelp and goes a long way since I’m only on my 2nd month of operations. I appreciate the support. :)”
  1. – Kitchen Company 2
“Probably one of the best tools created for Shopify: Very useful for anyone dealing with drop shipping from AliExpress suppliers.”
  1. – Gears and Grinds Coffee

“I rarely write reviews. If you are reading this review, it is in 2 parts. First part making money. Can you make money using Oberlo. The answer is absolutely yes! I make money daily selling AliExpress products using the Oberlo app. However, the real answer is Oberlo is simply a platform. Making money requires a lot of time sourcing the right product, right supplier and proper marketing. Which also means it does take a lot of time product testing, writing and rewriting product descriptions, and it does cost you money to get started. If you get the correct mix of those things you will make money. The ease of importing to the app after sourcing and importing products in my opinion is fantastic. Being able to track the entire sales flow for my customers is great! Lastly, I think the upfront training and additional email training – if you subscribe it’s well worth it.Here is the second part. I write this part for the beginner. If you are starting an online drop-shipping business Oberlo is a great starting point. There is still a bit of a learning curve even after the tutorials. A really helpful tip – use Google Chrome Oberlo extension. It’s a life saver. You can cruise AliExpress and directly import your products into the Oberlo Extension which then imports into your Oberlo store. From the Oberlo store app you can write your descriptions and export it into your shopify store. No need to copy and paste URL’s into the app from Ali-Express. Also, It will automatically import your customers information into Aliexpress, no need to type in their information. Once the order has been shipped you can export all of the details from chrome into Oberlo in shopify. It makes for a very fluid semi automated experience. I hope if you are reading this review it helps you make an informed decision. I played with the Oberlo app for quite a while until I decided to start using it. I wish I would have started using it months ago.”

  1. – Luxuriant Essentials
“This app is absolutely fantastic. It has saved me hours and hours of work with loading products to my store and processing orders. Works beautifully. I would highly recommend it as a MUST if your store does heavy volume. The customer support is stellar as well!”
  1. – AllInStore
“Excellent app! I have been using it for a few weeks now and it has simplified the running of my store so much. It makes adding products to my store and taking care of all my orders so much faster and easier. The customer support is the bomb also.”
  1. – Dog Gypsy
“Oberlo makes life easier by having created a seamless interface with Shopify, making running the business more efficient. They are always improving as well, as we have seen a steady flow of improvements on an already stellar product. Support too has become faster and sometimes is immediate via chat.We are very happy about having some of the drudge work taken out of the formula with this app. Great tool, highly recommended.”
  1. – Cheap Cycling Kits
“Must have app to run a successful drop shipping business!”
  1. – Zaptastik
“I’d like to give a REAL review. So i’m sure that all of these reviews are legitimate now but I must admit I was quite hesitant about this app. Anybody familiar with shopify apps or just apps in general know that it’s not that hard to fake a 5 star rating therefore I pretty much never trust these things and I found it quite hard to find reviews on Oberlo elsewhere. This made me wary but after using it for a few months now I must say that Oberlo meets all expectations and beyond. I’m using it for two of my websites right now and it creates efficiency at levels that I never would be able to meet on my own. I highly recommend this app for the simple reason that it comes EXACTLY as advertised, it is absolutely a great investment, and easily pays itself back. Keep up the good work Oberlo!”

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