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10 Best Summer Products to Sell in 2021

Article by Nicole Martins Ferreira

The sun is shining, music is pumping, and everyone has ended their hide-under-a-blanket hibernation. And with the vibrant season comes a new wave of summer products to sell online. We’ve compiled a list of the best summer products to sell in 2021 – let’s dive in.

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10 Best Summer Products to Sell in 2021

1. Twinkle Lights

Twinkle lights begin to grow in popularity each year in June and then skyrocket in popularity in November. So if you start promoting them in the summer, you’ll benefit from having those early sales. Plus, by the time peak season rolls around a few months later, you’ll have figured out your best performing ads so you can land some sweet dolla dolla bills. There are two key types of twinkle lights you can sell: a string one that you can wrap around a pillar or a curtain one which you can use for decor at a wedding or hanging on a wall.

So how do you promote this bright summer product? This product is likely going to be an impulse buy so Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook will be your platforms of choice. You can reach out to influencers who live in condos (think big cities like Toronto and New York) and send them samples so they can take custom photos of the decor in their homes. Promoting twinkle lights to people who live in condos can also help with sales. Many condo owners have pillars in their living spaces (I personally have two in my living room and one in my bedroom). And the twinkle lights wrapped around my pillars look beautiful at night giving the condo a more homey feel. It really helps transform the look of a concrete foundation of your condo into a decor focal point.

2. Ionic Hairbrush

Summer is great for almost everything: your mood, social life, and glowing skin. But there’s one thing it always makes worse… your hair. People who struggle with static or flyaways are looking for a product that helps smooth their hair. The ionic hairbrush helps tame your hair’s summer frizz and flyaways to create a sleek look. We’ve been seeing ionic hairbrush sales begin to sore the past few weeks making it a product that you’ll want to jump on now.

Getting summer products like this ionic hair brush into hands will work best on three key platforms: YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. And odds are that a video will be best at explaining what this hair brush is, why customers need it, and how they can buy it from you. Videos showing a before and after use of the ionic hair brush will likely help convert the browser into a buyer. If you’re too shy to create a video yourself, you can reach out to an influencer on either YouTube or Instagram to create the content for you.

3. Pool Beer Pong

Pool inflatables are the hottest summer product each year and 2021 will be no different. We’ll likely see a rise in more pool inflatable game products like this pool beer pong game. It’s the ultimate summer drinking game. This summer product can be used during a day at the beach or at a pool party. You can promote this product along other popular inflatable toys like such as lounge chairs, inflatable drink holders, and the classic inflatable flamingo.

Millennials and Gen Z will likely be the target market of your inflatable summer products. Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and Facebook will be the best platforms to promote your pool games and accessories. On Instagram, you can partner with influencers to take custom photos and share them with their audience sending traffic back to your website. On Pinterest, you can create vertical photos of your influencer photos linking back to the corresponding product page. On YouTube, you can create viral or funny videos with your products. And on Facebook you can use your photos and videos for your ads. Keep in mind while promoting on big platforms that some might have rules and guidelines surrounding the topic of alcohol so be sure to read the Terms of Service before creating your ad. 

4. Summer Dresses  

It’s not officially summer until the summer dress is out and about. What are the telltale signs of a classic summer dress: flower pattern, flowy, and short sleeves or sleeveless. We’ve been seeing a rise in summer dress searches. In May and June, summer dresses hit their peak though there are still plenty of sales in July too. Plus, the search volume for the keyword is sky high with 301,000 monthly searches, according to Keywords Everywhere.

Summer products like dresses are best promoted on visual platforms: Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and Google Shopping. If you’re on a budget, you can place your links on Pinterest for free. If you have some money to spend you can place ads on either Facebook or Google Shopping. You can also partner with influencers on Instagram to help you promote your dresses. Doing a combination of free and paid marketing will help keep your overall marketing costs low while helping you reach the biggest audience. You can even add your products on Pinterest for free to test which get the most engagement so you can carefully pick products that’ll best perform on ads.

5. Ice Cream Maker

When you’re melting in the summer heat, you’ll find that all you need is something ice cold. Enter ice cream. Ice cream makers tend to grow in popularity in the summer months making them a must have on kitchen and home online stores. This novelty summer product also makes a great gift for bridal showers, housewarming parties, and summer birthday parties.

Summer products like the ice cream maker are best promoted via search. There are two popular search-based platforms – Google (SEO, Shopping) and Pinterest. If you’re starting out, you’ll want to write SEO optimized articles around “best ice cream makers” or “how to make ice cream” but promote them on Pinterest so you can build up immediate traffic in the short-term. If you’re looking to get some immediate sales, you’ll want to try Google Shopping ads.

6. Beach Towels

A couple years ago we saw the rise of mandala beach blankets and boy they sold like hot cakes. Nowadays, we’re seeing more playful beach towels take over the sales. From pizza shaped to watermelon, these Instagrammable beach towels are photogenic enough to sweep sales off the ground with impulse purchases. There are 90,500 monthly searches for “beach towels,” proving that they’re a powerhouse summer product to sell. June and July tend to be peak season for this must-have accessory. You can sell these on a standalone store or add other summer products to a general women’s or impulse buy store.

When I ran a beach blanket store, we had three key marketing focuses. First, we focused heavily on Facebook Ads. Our product had an impulse buy component so it helped convert pretty well. Second, we created blog content and ran retargeting ads. We shared our blog content on Twitter and reached out to relevant niche influencers by tagging them. They’d then retweet the post landing us free, relevant traffic that improved the performance of our ads. The third way we marketed our summer products was email marketing. We promoted our products via our email list. As we got so many sales from our ads we built a massive customer and email list. We’d then remarket to our list other relevant products to grow our sales further.

7. Kebab Maker

Last summer we saw the rise of the grill mat. This year it’s all about the kebab maker. Barbeque season will be out in full force next month, making related accessories a must have on any home or kitchen store. According to Google Trends, there’s been a slight increase in “kebab” searches. Pair that trending kebab product with a great impulse buy strategy and you have the recipe for success.  

The best way to promote your kebab maker is to help people see it in action. Videos will really help entice the impulse buy. In general, videos for kitchen products tend to perform very well. You can post your video on YouTube to get free traffic to it from search. However, you can also place your video on Facebook for video ads to entice the impulse buy from those scrolling through their feeds.

8. Baby Water Play Mat

Babies can join in on the summer fun too with this baby water play mat. The water is contained in a plastic so that you can rest assured that your customers’ little ones will be safe. But this isn’t an ordinary play mat – it’s designed to engage all of the babies’ senses to help them with their development. With a fishy design, it has plastic aqualife floating around in a plastic encased water bed. The movement of these plastic figures helps babies develop their motor skills when they play with it. This product can be given at baby showers.

To find customers for your baby summer products, you can create Facebook ads targeting “New Parents.” You can also create blog content around topics such as “baby shower gifts,” “ideas for your baby registry,” or “baby toys.” Since it takes a while for SEO to build up, especially if you’re a new business, you can promote your links via Pinterest and Twitter to get free traffic. Add a retargeting ad in the background and you’ll be able to monetize your free traffic effectively.

9. Sandals

You will toe-totally love selling these sandals on your store. Wedge sandals have been growing in popularity these past few weeks meaning they’ll be pumping up the sales this summer. A quick look at Google Trends shows that searches for “sandals” are climbing and will reach peak season in June. Wedge sandals in particular have also been getting some publicity right now. People recently wrote an article about Kate Middleton’s wedge sandals, giving the popular shoe more attention which can help you score some more sales.

To get these sandals out there, you’ll want to try a mix of paid ads and free social traffic. You can also reach out to influencers in the fashion niche who will promote your sandals on their blog and social channels. With paid ads, your best bet will be to focus on Facebook Ads but you can try Google Shopping too. For free traffic, you can post on Instagram, hashtagging your photos to gain more visibility. You can also post links on Pinterest and join relevant group boards to gain more exposure for your products.

10. Remote Control Cars

When the sun’s out, kids step outside and play with their toys. Remote control cars are one of the popular outdoor toys seeing growing sales. The keyword “remote control cars” has 110,000 monthly searches according to Keywords Everywhere, proving to be a powerhouse of a product category in the kids toy niche.

You can create videos of the remote control car in action to appeal to a younger demographic. YouTube would be your best channel if you wanted to create video content that attracts children. You can also partner with kids’ YouTube channels to create content around your remote control cars to reach a bigger audience. However, if you want to attract their parents (for example, gift idea for a child’s birthday) you can create Facebook Ads.


Selling the best summer products can help, especially if you run a seasonal store. Pay attention to which products your competitors are adding to their stores to help you analyze trends throughout the season. Keep in mind that summer products are seasonal and that you’ll want to dive into selling these as soon as possible to cash in on the hottest trends.

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